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GW 77 A GW 77 A IDR.80,000.00
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Medical Care

A sick and fussy baby is no fun, so comfort and soothe with our baby medical care items. Make dispensing medication easy with pacifier dispensers, droppers and syringes. We also offer several first aid kits that are great to keep on hand at home and the car for minor emergencies. Whatever your needs, we have the product you are looking for!

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American Red Cross Deluxe Health and Grooming Kit A complete, 17-piece kit of healthcare and grooming essentials---everything needed for a new baby. Features deluxe travel/storage bag and a comprehensive baby care, wellness and safety guide. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. Product Details
American Red Cross Deluxe Healthcare Kit Unique, ergonomically-designed for extra comfort for parent and baby. Contains nasal aspirator, digital thermometer with case, soft-tip medicine dispenser, comfort tip medicine spoon with cap, magnifying nail clipper and deluxe travel/storage bag. Officia Product Details
American Red Cross Essentials First Aid Kit The American Red Cross and The First Years have joined together to offer a collection of infant and toddler wellness and safety products that parents can trust. The American Red Cross Essentials First Aid Kit is portable and contains key components that e Product Details
American Red Cross First Aid Cold Pack his gel cold pack in a soft, terry cover with child-friendly graphics is ideal for the bumps and bruises of an older infant or toddler. Terry cloth cover is machine washable. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. (U.S. only) Product Details
American Red Cross Hospital-Style Nasal Aspirator Features hospital-style design, over-insertion guard for safety, and an easy-clean plug. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. (U.S. only) Product Details
American Red Cross On the Go 1st Aid Kit The American Red Cross and The First Years have joined together to offer a first aid kit with everything a new parent needs. Designed for infant and toddler care, the On-The-Go First aid kit includes 54 essential items to help you be prepared for first ai Product Details
American Red Cross Soft Tip Medicine Dispenser Avoid complicated measurements and messy feeding of medicine with this Soft Tip Medicine Dispenser. Comfortably and accurately measure and administer medicine. Features a soft tip that is comfortable in baby's mouth, and a convenient measuring/travel cap. Product Details
American Red Cross Soft-Tip Nasal Aspirator This deluxe nasal aspirator features a soft-tip for baby's comfort, and removable plug for easy cleaning. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. (U.S. only) Product Details
Ava the Elephant Talking Medicine Dispenser A 7-piece, organized baby health essentials kit for home or on-the-go. Includes deluxe travel/storage bag, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer with case, medicine dropper with cap, medicine spoon with cap, nail clipper. Officially licensed product of the Product Details
Beaba Large Display Digital Thermometer With the new Beaba thermometer, you'll always have peace of mind because you'll find out your child's temperature in a few seconds. Features: Digital thermometer, extra-large screen. Backlit LCD screen for greater legibility. Fever indicator (the scre Product Details
Beaba Minidoo Nasal Aspirator Nasal aspirator Baby nasal aspirator Effective and safe: regulation of aspiration strength. Hygienic: no transfer of microbes (patented system). Product which can be dismantled and sterilised. Evolutive: adapted nozzles (0-3 months/+ 3 months Product Details
Beaba Tomydoo Go-anywhere electric baby nose aspirator Highly efficient. Easy to use. Comes with a storage pouch. It runs on two LR6 (AA) batteries. It comes with three sterilisable tips and an additional silicone seal to guarantee hygiene and optimum efficiency. Product Details
Euky Bear Inhalant Euky Bear Inhalant is for use in steam vaporisers or can be added directly to hot water. Product Details
Euky Bear Steam Vaporizer Steam Vaporiser Steam Vaporiser is quiet, safer and easy to use. It is recommended for colds and flu, croup and bronchitis. Product Details
Euky Bearub Euky Bearub A gentle, soothing Australian Eucalyptus chest rub that helps relieve a sore throat, stuffy nose, irritating cough and general aches and pains. Content :Eucalyptus Oil 6.0%w/w, Eucalyptol 6.0%w/w, Menthol 5.0%w/w, Camphor 4.9%w/w, Rosemar Product Details
Euky Eucalyptus Oil A pure natural premium quality eucalyptus oil with a fresh clean fragrance has many medicinal and household uses. Contents : Active ingredient, Eucalyptus Oil BP 100%, pure natural pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil. It is produced without pesticides Product Details
Euky Steam Inhaler Starter Pack Steam Inhaler (Starter Pack) Euky Bear Inhalant is for use in steam vaporiser or can be added directly to hot water. Presentation : Euky Bear Inhalant is packaged in 200mL unbreakable PET plastic bottles. Product Details
Hospital's Choice Medicine Dropper Giving a child medicine requires special attention. That's why this medicine dropper is specially designed to always deliver a correct dose. Features: * Calibrated for accuracy * Convenient no-spill cap for travel Product Details
Karvol Decongestant Capsules Karvol Decongestant Capsules have a vapour action and help relieve blocked noses due to colds in the head. They can be used for children from 3 months old. For babies over 3 months and young children - snip top off capsule, and dab the contents onto a Product Details
Kidsme Medicine Dropper and Beaker Set exp 02/2016 Reduces fever and provides relief from multiple cold symptoms. A remedy that really works to relieve your child's cough, fever and pain. Product Details

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