Babasling Classic Misty Rose Babasling Classic Misty Rose IDR.990,000.00
Babasling Lite Lemon Babasling Lite Lemon IDR.799,000.00
Babasling Classic Aqua Blue Babasling Classic Aqua Blue IDR.990,000.00
Babasling Classic Lavender Babasling Classic Lavender IDR.990,000.00
Babasling Classic Midnight Black Babasling Classic Midnight Black IDR.990,000.00
Babasling lite Fuschia Babasling lite Fuschia IDR.799,000.00
Ooops Happy Trolley Ooops Happy Trolley IDR.495,000.00
Oops Take Away Lunchbox Oops Take Away Lunchbox IDR.165,000.00
Ooops Soft Backpack Ooops Soft Backpack IDR.250,000.00
Ooops Come with me Friends Ooops Come with me Friends IDR.90,000.00
Ooops Rolling Friend Ooops Rolling Friend IDR.195,000.00
Ooops Bathtime Story Ooops Bathtime Story IDR.120,000.00
Ooops My Bathtime Friends Ooops My Bathtime Friends IDR.90,000.00
GW 76 A GW 76 A IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 B GW 76 B IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 C GW 76 C IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 D GW 76 D IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 E GW 76 E IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 F GW 76 F IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 G GW 76 G IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 H GW 76 H IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 I GW 76 I IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 J GW 76 J IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 K GW 76 K IDR.70,000.00
GW 76 L GW 76 L IDR.70,000.00
GW Soccer A GW Soccer A IDR.75,000.00
GW Soccer B GW Soccer  B IDR.75,000.00
GW Soccer C GW Soccer C IDR.75,000.00
GW Soccer D GW Soccer D IDR.75,000.00
GW Soccer E GW Soccer E IDR.75,000.00
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Life Factory Silicone Teether Multi-sensory, medical-grade silicone teethers are designed to develop oral motor skills. They can be refrigerated to soothe sore teeth and gums. Always BPA-free and dishwasher safe, our teethers are made in the U.S. Product Details
Momma Gino, Jack & Fred Baby teeth’s friends! Soothing effect Soft and hard parts which gently massage baby’s sore gums. They have a soothing effect during the various phases of dentition. 2 textures Double texture enhances gum massage and baby’s relief. Refreshering Product Details
Munchkin Sesame Street Fun Face Teether The Munchkin Sesame Street Fun Face Teether! The Sesame Street Fun Face Teether by Munchkin is a BPA free gel filled teether that can be cooled in the refrigerator or freezer. This easy-to-grasp design is right sized for little hands and mouths and fea Product Details
Munckin Twisty Figure 8 Teether Toy This Parent's Choice Gold Award winner gives baby 4 gentle teething surfaces to find just the right soothing sensation for irritated gums. The twistable, colorful design and rattle sounds also make it an excellent developmental toy that babies find irresi Product Details
Munckin Twisty Teether Ball Kids have a ball with this chewy teether. Roll it, twist it, shake it and rattle it. This teether offers lots of teething options and hours of playtime fun. With 10 different textured surfaces, there’s just the right place to soothe sore gums. It’s per Product Details
Nuby Belly Buddy Teether Toy These adorable BPA-free teethers offer various textures for baby to chew on. The whimsical colors will and floating toy will keep your little one intrigued. Available in Butterfly and Turtle options. Product Details
Nuby Bug-a-Loop Teether The Bug-a-loop™ teether by Nûby™ provides a variety of textured surfaces for baby for biting and teething purposes. Product Details
Sassy Beginning Bites Sassy's Beginning Bites inspire touch with a textural variety which fosters tactile sensitivity. The symmetrical, organized, plush faces calm Baby while also providing additional exploration opportunities. The beginning bites help develop hearing by provi Product Details
Sassy Bumble Bites This teething bee will keep baby busy! Each wing has a different texture for baby to explore. Teether can be placed in the refrigerator to cool water-filled section. Recommended for ages Birth+. Approximate size: 3.75” x 4.5” x 1.25”. Product Details
Sassy Flutterby Teether This smiling bug is designed to encourage development of communication with textural variety for mouthing. When refrigerated, the squishy, ridged, water-filled upper wings provide cool comfort for teething babies. The bottom wings are bumpy and chewy for Product Details
Sassy Freezies Terry Teether Inspire Teething Age: 3+ months Textured terry cloth Use with or without freezing Machine washable Product Details
Sassy Ladybug Teethers 2pk Two bold colored ladybug teethers per package Large water-filled sections can be chilled for extra gum stimulation Textured spots offer teething baby variety to explore by mouth Rigid plastic heads and flexible antennae are delightful for baby to maneu Product Details
Sassy Link Along Ladybug * Suitable for Babies from Birth. * Baby Ladybug rings slide along handle to make fun clacking noise. * Large, water-filled wing and easy-to-grasp handle offer soft textures for teething. * Refrigerate this Baby Teether before giving it to Product Details
Sassy Monkey See Monkey Chew Develops baby's communication skills as baby explores textures and shapes while teething. Control of the lips and tongue is essential to the development of sound, and later, speech. Show baby teether and talk to him about the monkeys. Product Details
Sassy Teething Tail Fish Age: 3+ Months Multiple textures stimulate baby's gums Easy-to-grasp handle Water-filled tail cools gums Product Details
Sassy Twirl 'n Teethe Caterpillar Baby can spin the colorful beads that make up the caterpillar's body or teethe on the textured, water-filled leaves. Refrigerate this colorful caterpillar before giving it to baby for a cooling sensation. Handle is easy to grasp with soft teethable textur Product Details
Sassy Water Filled Teethers - 2pk - water-filled fireflies can be chilled in refrigerator for cooling effect - lightweight for even the youngest teething babies - A variety of textures and thickness provide stimulation to mouth - Letting baby experience A variety of stimulatio Product Details
Tommee Tippee Closure To Nature Teether Stage 1 Stage 1 teether for tender gums and first teeth Massage - Textured surfaces designed to massage tender gums Bite - Teething surfaces for baby to bite and chew on to help promote faster cutting of teeth Easy Gel Application - Channels are specially desi Product Details
Tommee Tippee Closure To Nature Teether Stage 2 Stage 2 teether for front molars and tender gums Massage - Textured surfaces designed to massage tender gums Cool - Water-filled chamber that can be cooled in the fridge and used to soothe tender gums Easy Gel Application - Pocket is specially designe Product Details
Tommee Tippee Closure To Nature Teether Stage 3 Stage 3 teether for back molars and tender gums Massage - Textured surfaces designed to massage tender gums Bite - Teething surfaces for baby to bite and chew on to help promote faster cutting of teeth Easy Gel Application - Pockets are specially desig Product Details

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